So I almost forgot about this space (I just discovered that I’ve been “a member since 2005”!) until I received an email asking me if I wanted to collaborate. Like what?

The last time I blogged was…… 3 years ago? And it was a selling post. LOL.

In case anyone wanted to know, that pair of Doc Marts is *still* available! I guess Doc Marts lovers are not trawling through Carousel and selling blogposts looking for them. Ha ha ha.

They’re gathering a lot dust in my shoe cabinet and will probably be given away soon.

Much has happened since 2013. T’was a tough time I was going through then but all’s good and so much better now!

I’m *gasp* getting married! *shocked face*

Wahahaha, I can’t believe it either! But it’s true! In about 3 months’ time to be exact. Preparations are underway and by preparations I really mean browsing through Taobao (that is a deep dark hole, I would advise against it) and ordering a bajillion things (which cost a bajillion yuan :() and more.
1% of what I have bought so far. I’m quite satisfied with all of my purchases so far though!

China is playing a big part in my wedding – my bridal shoot was done there too!

I was planning on doing my own flowers but now I’m not so sure if I’ll make it. I mean the bouquet’s pretty easy but the car deco looks quite challenging. Well, I’ve bought all the stuff I need – or so I think – so I guess it’s worth a shot? I’ve also asked for quotes from like the professional people, in case I fail terribly. Which is possible.

On the work front, I’m still at the same place (this is what old age does to you) BUT I should be leaving soon! *crossing my fingers (and toes!)*

The husband-to-be has very generously offered me a position as housewife (I still cringe at being described with this word) though I’m not sure if I am gonna be okay LIVING OFF someone. I mean, the last time I lived off someone I was about 20???? And I don’t mean living under my parents’ roof (that’s been going on for 32 years now LOL FTL) but as in literally taking money for day-to-day expenses. I can’t even imagine it? #legit

There are murmurings of me going back to join my dad (AGAIN), with a partner but nothing’s concrete. I’m worried – there are plenty of details to iron out. Like, who’s going to do the GST filing (I thought of this while peeing this morning) amongst many other things of course. LOL.

Everything’s still just words but I guess we’ll have a clearer direction once the wedding is over.

I have also started on Dayre though I really don’t fancy typing long assed passages on my phone. Typing should be done on  QWERTY keyboard yo. #firstworldproblems

The only good thing about that platform is it allows direct upload of photos which I can do on WP too but maybe laterrrr.

Alright, shall come back here as and when I remember. I’m so glad I chope-d the selsel address nong time ago! Woo! And hope that I don’t morph into bridezilla as we near the big day! Although my bridesmaids might already be feeling the effects… Sorry girls!


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