One Day, One Lifetime

2 October 2016, a day eleven months in the making.

First, let’s do a quick recap and review of the vendors:

  1. Gowns – Blessed Brides
    • img_4195
    • img_4353
    • Rather pricey but a good selection of gowns with varied designs.
  2. Suits – Fashion Tailors Menswear
    • J tailored his suit and rented 2 tuxedos, pretty affordable and friendly (but fashionable) bunch of uncles who look like they’ve worked there their entire lives. Jimmy has worked with Mr Goh Chok Tong and a handful of other Cabinet people, so you can trust the quality of their suits!
  3. Flowers (Car deco, corsages) – Sweet as Cosmos (from Carousell)
    • Decided to go with her instead of One Olive (tie in with Blessed Brides) because it was much more affordable
  4. Bridal bouquet – JM Flowers
    • img_4123
    • JM is at Thomson, not the main stretch but the road behind.
    • They do bridal bouquets too, just show them pictures of what you’re looking for and they can quote you a price. Seasonal flowers like peonies will cost much more.
  5. Posies for bridesmaids – Fresh cut flowers from JM Flowers, hand wrapped by us!
    • Wide selection of fresh cut flowers at a reasonable price
    • If you’re attempting to wrap your own bouquets, make sure you have all the necessary tools, tape and ribbons. Will make your life so much easier.
  6. Bridal make up – Makeup by K.Lin
    • img_3912
    • Very friendly MUA who specialises in natural make up looks by enhancing your own features so you’ll still look like yourself!
  7. Actual day photography – Daniel Beh
    • Award winning photographer, need I say more? Can’t wait to get the photos!
  8. Actual day videographer – Ichiro Films
    • The videographer we got was Lance, funny guy who has lots of ideas. We really loved the express highlights video! Can’t wait to see the rest!
  9. Photo Booth – CHIO Photobooth
    • img_4360
    • Reasonably priced (also my secondary school senior) photo booth with live projection of the images to the ballroom screen. I think the guests got a laugh seeing their comic photos projected on a 3-storey screen.
  10. Pre-wedding photoshoot – 太郎花子
    • Awesome, awesome studio. Loved all the photos and best of all, they’re cheap, compared to Singapore’s bridal studios. Like dirt cheap. Our photoshoot (including shipping fees for the albums and framed pictures) probably cost us less than S$1,700.
  11. Bridesmaids’ dresses – Her Velvet Vase
    • I wanted something wearable – no garish flowers or in neon colours that they’d just chuck the dresses at the back of their closets after that day.
    • So I picked a lace dress in jade green, mid-length and with sleeves. I think they all looked fab in the dresses!
  12. Venue – South Beach
    • Beautiful, beautiful ballroom. I think our guests will remember the ballroom for a long time to come!
  13. Rings – Tiffany & Co.
    • His: Tiffany Notes ‘I Love You’ in Platinum
    • Hers: Shared Setting Band, 3mm

To be honest, the whole day was a blur and I seriously cannot remember much of what happened that day and night.

What I do remember is that I forgot to take solo shots with my parents and several other people. 😦

Other than that, I think the day went pretty well, I don’t recall any glitches (at least none that were unplanned) and I *think* everyone enjoyed themselves. Except of course, my bridesmaids who worked so hard that day and two of them who stayed over the night before to help out. FTL, LOL.

I’m actually glad that I gave up the idea of DIY-ing my bridal bouquet the night before because I was so tired??

After going through all that, my take-away lessons are: 1. manage your expectations 2. your guests won’t know 3. this is just one day of a lifetime with your husband.

When you put all that into perspective then you’ll realise what is really important.

Of course, I must thank my husband (gawd, I need to get used to using that term) for letting me have free reins over the event, which basically means that I had the honour of taking care of all the little details while he took care of the bigger ones. Like footing the bill. LOL. Oh, and alcohol.

We’re just really, really glad we got that out of the way!

No, really. I was so stressed I had nightmares every other night and was so irritable that I took it out on J. I mean, the tiniest things could set me off and I’ll be brooding for the whole day.

I felt so miserable and kept thinking why did I even bother having this dinner, I started having abandonment thoughts. Like, screw this dinner, let’s just elope.

So brides, please don’t put too much (unnecessary) stress on yourself and your future husband and really, just enjoy the process. Easy for me to say now that it’s over.

I’m looking forward to the photos and will update when I have them!

Till then, tata!





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