Yes to the Dress

I was browsing through bridal gown studios in Singapore when I came across a blue evening gown from Blessed Brides. 

It was love at first sight for me and I knew I had to get my gowns from them because I really wanted that blue evening gown. I made an appointment and went for the appointment by myself. 

No entourage, no mum, no fiancé. Just me. 

The lady who attended to me was surprised, because I guess she’s more used to brides-to-be bringing a whole village to help her choose. 

But I thought it was my day and since I’m the one wearing it, I can make the decision on my own and whatever I liked. 

I picked out this silk-ish gown, I really liked it because it was a really classic style. My only problem was I couldn’t decide between two white gowns. So I ended up with both of them! One for the morning and solemnisation, this for first march in during the dinner. 

I went to only one bridal studio, chose it because of the evening gown, went to the appointment alone and paid the deposit on the first visit. 

Decisive? Maybe. Lazy? Definitely. 😂 

I could’ve gotten a cheaper package if I’d done more research but heck I really liked the blue dress and this one. 

So no regrets there. 

I have no idea why I even bothered to write a post on this but I suddenly thought of this photo and wanted to write a backstory of how I chose my dress. 


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