About the Author

We grow through difficult times and adapt to live.

I’ve come to realise that nobody will speak up for me, I have to stand up for myself.

I’ve given up relying on anyone anymore.

Who says growing is always for the better? Sometimes, we grow to be more selfish, more protective of ourselves but who’s to say that is wrong?

From now on, it’s me, myself and I.





11 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Doug Hull says:

    Hi Selena,
    I am going to China in August and will be in Shanghai for nearly a week, I am interested in getting the name and address of the silk factory you featured on your blog, the part with the boring factory pictures of the place that made the empress’s clothes.

  2. ilse says:


    i was searching on google for hello kitty desktop themes and than i found yours! it;s really really cute!!where can i download this one?

  3. Junyi says:

    I was searching info on HK and then I found your blog. I will be gg to HK next week, like to find out from u whether u came across any Abercrombie & Fitch or Ascis Onizuka Tiger outlets? If yes pls kindly email me… Thanks


  4. Karin says:

    Hi, when searching on google images for french manicure I came here. I wanted to say that you write well and it is fun to read! Keep up the good work ^__^
    Greetings from the Netherlands 🙂

  5. dweam says:

    hey babe! i wanna ask you. how did you change your layout? can we download wp themes and upload them to lah.cc?

    i am such a no0b

    email me back at daydweam [at] gmail k?
    thanks babe!

  6. Cheryl says:

    Hi Selena, came by your blog while reading about Hong Kong. Anyway, I saw that you are going for eye Lasik. Do you mind revealing more about the details like cost and which clinic? Thank you.

  7. selsel says:

    hi cheryl!

    i’m going to SNEC, singlasik.

    the cost is different for everyone.. for my case, i’m opting for tissue saving and intralase, so it’s 5.3k.

    slightly more expensive also because i chose the head of refractive surgery to do it for me. his base charge is $1980 per eye.

    you’re going to do also?

  8. Queenie says:

    Hi I just popped by your webbie, while searching on loughborough uni. Can u share with me hw come u chose this uni, and so far, how recognised issit? Hope u can share some advice. thanks.

  9. Alvin Q says:

    Hi there… i happened to come by your blog when i was searching for the Giant Lollipop from chupa Chups.. heee… can you email me and let me know roughly where in bangkok did you see the lollipops..

    Thank you ..

  10. Ong Jian He says:

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