On the verge of exploding over a chain of emails between Pet*pia and me.

So I had this MISFORTUNE of purchasing a deal for dog grooming with free oxygen spa and some microbubble shit that is supposed to be good for their skin. Jenny had previously strongly recommended me to them because apparently the spa really works – they’d itch lesser and smell good for a longer period of time.

Then I had this issue with their Facebook sharing thing which you had to share the deal before you could actually purchase the deal. As I was doing it on the phone, since my office PC blocked Facebook, I had some problems with the sharing and then subsequently the registering.

I managed to register for JJ but couldn’t do it for Jojo. I thought it was a glitch!

So I got Jenny to help me do it from home and yay, it was done. Both doggies would get to go for a spa! Ok, I felt guilty because I haven’t been spending a lot of time with them and so wanted to make it up to them by sending them to a spa.

Little did I know this was the start of a horrible customer service experience.

First of all the appointment booking was a nightmare which I totally can understand because obviously I know many people would want to take advantage of their deal so securing an appointment was already a problem.

Secondly they sent numerous emails asking for this and that, contact nos., payment, dogs’ DOBs, gender, blah blah.

Y U NO ask in one email?!

Jenny told them to liase with me directly since they were asking for so much info over so many emails, it’d be better to just contact me.


This ARROGANT person sent a reply and said that since Jojo is my dog, I’d have to top up $185 (full rate) for him to get the grooming and the spa.

IT CAME AS A BIG SHOCK TO ME because I totally did not expect this.

And they had to add this sentence, “Just for info, there are other customers who also snatched more than one slot per household but are understanding enough to pay full price for the second companion.”

Which made me even madder.

Apparently that was in the terms and conditions which I did not bother to read after trying SO MANY times to share the bloody deal on FB.

I. Was. Speechless.

Why did you have to add this sentence in the first place? You could have just said, unfortunately, the promotion is only applicable to dog per household, so perhaps you want to buy the deal again the next time we run this promotion?


Alternatively, you could top up $185 for Jojo to enjoy the full session of grooming and spa.

Totally DID NOT have to add “other customers are understanding enough to pay the full amount”.

You are insinuating that I am not understanding enough? And you have to tell me other people are paying and I should pay to so that I can be deemed as understanding as them?


So I requested for a full refund for both the appointments because I am honestly not comfortable with them handling my doggies.

To which Mr Conceited replied and said I was hurling baseless accusations that they would mistreat my dogs (seeing as to how they handle the human customers, what more customers who can’t talk or defend themselves?) and that I have misconstrued their statements and taken his email negatively.

WORST OF ALL, insinuate that Jenny and I PLANNED to circumvent their T&Cs by booking separately and then becoming defensive because they found out.


We were honest about it because we didn’t read your T&Cs, bro! If we had, we wouldn’t have told you that Jojo was mine and to liase with me directly.

Dumbass. We’d have just continued on with this and not tell you la, right or not!?

SUPER ANGRY. You question my integrity, say I misconstrue your statements and hurl baseless accusations and still want to ACT YI GE TRANSPARENT AND FORTHCOMING.

FUCK THIS SHIT. I don’t deserve to be treated like that and I will NOT trust my doggies with you ever.

Below, my email reply to them in its entirety.




Oracle 2012

On a lonely hill, a plum tree shivers, fallen leaves, withered twigs stand in the winter chill. The warmth of springs returns so quietly. Its beauty and its glory are both restored anew. An arrow is dispatched but misses its target. Don’t be disappointed or lose hope. But wait till your lucky day comes, then you will receive an enviable reward.

Candy Crush Mania

So I have recently started playing Candy Crush. If you haven’t already heard about it, HELLO! Where have you been living in?!  A cave in Timbuktu??

It is like THE MOST PLAYED game on smartphones now. Everywhere you turn, on the train, in the bus, while walking, while queueing, basically, nearly everyone.

And it is ADDICTIVE. I mean, I don’t even know how it is addictive. I guess people just derive a sense of satisfaction from joining 3 or more same-coloured objects together and seeing them burst.


Plus the game has damn cute graphics! I love games with cute graphics and colourful pictures. And it’s not too gaudy.

Even my mom is hooked on Candy Crush. LOL. But she is not very good at it.


And to be honest, being stuck for two days at the same stage is nothing. I have friends stuck on the same stage for two weeks. Amazing! I would have given up already!

Met the preggie bestie for dinner the other day! She’s so big now, can’t wait to meet the little princess! 😀


Poor didi having a cough. Take care meh!

Over the last weekend of January, I attended a leadership adventure camp organised by my company. On the last day of the camp we were supposed to do this high element exercise. Our group was allocated to do the Postman’s Walk.



And this is how it looks like. It’s approximately 2-3 storeys high with two parallel cables running one on top of the other. You’re supposed to hold the top cable and walk on the lower cable. It wobbled like mad in the middle! My legs were shaking. All I could think of was “how long more do I have to go!?”.image

The photographer managed to capture this “beautiful” expression of mine as I belay down to solid ground. T_T

Anyhows we all survived it, somehow. Some are more bold and daring than the others. They even attempted the pamper pole. RESPECT.

Not too sure how this is supposed to help in leadership, it just showed me what a scaredy cat I am. >.>


And I want to show off my Taobao purchases! This awesome mintgreen handphone case with a wristlet! Yay! And my Goong Ah Jung tassel handphone charm that she used in Lie To Me (quite an awesome show).

Ok, this post has come to an abrupt end. Reed Krakoff just burst into my line of vision with this Mini Atlantique which reminds me of the Celine robot bag and also the Coach Mini Tanner. It’s like a cross between the two. Then I found out that Reed Krakoff heads the Coach design department. Revelation. No wonder looks same-same but different.

P.S. Cloud Atlas is a three hour show. People with weak bladders please beware. People with short attention span, this should be quite a good show because the time periods jump here and there, from past to present to future to far future. Not a bad show but I guess I just can’t see the link between all the stories except the actors are the same. Ha.

梁心頤 – 碎片


感情像房子 用故事建立
一層一層剝開我的心 地基就是你


一隻黑襪子 一張無殼CD
什麼時候才能夠呼吸 沒你的空氣



Selling Post! Sophia Wedding Collection voucher worth $2,000 going for $1,000!

This is the other voucher we won from the gameshow together with the Chris Ling voucher.

The terms & conditions for this voucher:
1. Strictly by appointment
2. Only applicable when Full Wedding Package or Studio Package is signed
3. Voucher not exchangeable for cash
4. Voucher cannot be used to rebate additional cost like changes of gowns after confirming
5. Actual day services subject to date availability
6. Voucher cannot be used on Actual Day surcharges
7. Voucher cannot be used to offset any prior packages signed with Sophia Wedding
8. Voucher expires 16 Sep 2013

Basically it can be used for any full wedding packages / studio packages, which is as good as cash value off the total package price. You can also book the package first before 16 Sep 2013 but do the shoot after.

Leave me a comment or email me at selsel(at)gmail(dot)com if you’re interested in either!

Selling Post! Chris Ling Studio Shoot worth $1288 going for $500! – SOLD

Many moons ago, we took part in a gameshow and won the second prize which consisted of two bridal shoot vouchers. One from Chris Ling (supposedly quite famous and one from Sophia Wedding Collections (which I heard was quite popular). But we have no use for these vouchers yet, so selling them at a low, low price!

Chris Ling International Photographers for Pre-Wedding Photography worth $1288. The voucher includes:

1. Studio photography for wedding portraits
2. 20 images in a 8×10″ wedding album
3. CD of chosen images returned

Not redeemable or exchangeable for cash or other services.
Makeup and bridal gowns not included.
Strictly for wedding photography only.
Shoot dates can be arranged before 1st June 2013

Do take note that make up and gowns are not included, so you have to engage your own make up artist and bring your own gowns.

I emailed them for more information..

They can shoot both bridal gowns and casual wear. 2 to 4 changes of outfits are not a problem. You can also consider topping up to include an outdoor shoot (+$700), and additional images (10 images = $1000).

Leave a comment or email me at selsel(at)gmail(dot)com if you’re interested!

Kizuki + LIM

So, since my previous post on my hunt for a hair salon, I’ve found Kizuki + LIM at Raffles Hotel, Level 3. Someone left a comment on that blogpost which linked to a website that had loads of reviews from forums all around.

And Kizuki + LIM was one of the top few salons on the website. Coincidentally, my friend also IG-ed about Kizuki + LIM shortly after I saw it on that website so I was really excited after seeing all the good reviews.

The most awesome thing, at this point of time, was that there was nearly ZERO sponsored reviews. Wheyyyy. Definitely must try.

Booked an appointment with Akiyo-san, most junior stylist there and cheapest. Hahaha. Ok, I’m a cheapo. Oh, it’s really hard to get an appointment there, they are fully booked almost everyday!image

Very arty-farty interior design but not very friendly because I nearly fell down while walking back from the hairwash corner. >.<image

Cute table display at the waiting area.










And this is my hairstylist! Akiyo Fujikawa! Her English was actually quite good! As in, we could still have a sort-of conversation and we both understood each other.

She offered me Doraemon comics to read to pass time. Hahaha, she said those were her favorite. I didn’t know what I wanted to do to my hair, so she gave me a Japanese magazine that had all the Jap lookin hairstyles and asked me which one I liked. I picked one and she said, Ok!

Wow. Haha, it was like picking a dish off a menu. I never had that at any other hair salons.


I was going to cut it short, and tadah, this is not the final result but I like it already. Hahaha.

Then it was the dyeing part.. And the hairwash was.. Heavenly. I love it!

And time for the curling!image

Look like ah-soh here. Hahaha. Lots of Japanese customers in there. So means, they are good right, if not their own people won’t patronise. image

This was the day after! I cut, dyed and permed my hair! Looks a bit koyak already here, because I wore a helmet. Haha! But I like it! Makes me look so different and I like how it makes me look more dressed up instead of having straight flat blah hair. LOL.

Total damage was $317 including GST after a first timers 10% discount.

Worth every penny because Akiyo san was there throughout the process. So she cut, washed, blow-dried, dyed, washed, permed, washed and blow-dried for me every step of the way. Unlike many other salons who have assistants to do the colouring, the washing, the blow-drying, everything else but the cutting.

So I really love the 100% attention that the stylist gives to you at Kizuki+LIM.

I’ll be back soon for a hair treatment again!