7 weeks to go

Had a damn shiok (and expensive like seriously $800 for 2) spa experience at Auriga Spa yesterday! The treatment bed was soooooo comfortable and the massage was much needed.

All pregnant ladies should seriously plan a pre-natal spa for yourselves – it really helps you relax and your body will thank you for it.

I had a super good sleep that night.

I’m so fortunate that J has pretty much been giving me everything I want 🙏🏻. Sometimes you expect more from the other person but I look back and think about all the things he has given me and provided me with and I really shouldn’t ask for more 😔.

Anyway, still some things to be done for the nursery.. need to get the disinfectant spray for the furniture. And also order the confinement herbs and post natal massage!

Gahhhh am in total panic mode now. 😖



Ermergerd the constipation is terrible………….

Plus I don’t really dare to strain because idw to get haemorrhoids. Finally managed to poop today. ✌🏻

Brought out all of Bean’s clothes and muslin cloths and stuff – so many – to do a stock take and prepare to wash them.

Need to decide what size to print the nursery posters so that i can go find frames for them. Should I go for square prints or rectangular ones.. 🤔

My excitement is masked by fear

That’s what J said when I asked if he was excited about Bean.


31 weeks, 55.6kg

Well I guess no one’s truly ever ready to be a parent. Every child / pregnancy is different, life would be boring if they’re the same right? We all need some excitement in our lives.

Dragged J and my own lazy ass to IKEA yesterday to buy the bulky furniture for the nursery, woo!

I think other than clearing his own stuff out, methinks the nursery is 70% ready!

Felt Bean’s elbow or some hard noggin’ this morning, ermergerd, it was quite a weird (and slightly painful) feeling haha.

Also, the confinement nanny I got cancelled on me last week. Said her husband had a stroke and she had to take care of him. Sigh.

So I’ve convinced myself (and my MIL) that we can do this on our own! But J’s not convinced 😒 he keeps wanting to get one so he’s asking around his friends ha. Ok good luck to him – I booked mine 6 months in advanced and got rejected by so many. Try booking 2 months in advanced!

Ok I’m half excited and half scared about Bean’s arrival – be good baby and come out only when you’re due k! Be like Mummy, I’m very compliant one. I love you! 😘

Post Op

So the sterilisation went well! Wound is very tiny like 1cm? Amazing. And JJ is recovering quite well for a 12 year old dog. Haha. Or maybe it’s the painkillers 🤷🏻‍♀️. He hates the cone of shame but too bad.

He’s been very sticky to me these past weeks not sure if its because he knows I’m pregnant or because he’s just homesick?

Just glad that everything went well and hopefully he has many more good years ahead of him. 💗

It’s been so hot lately – today’s been an exceptionally bad day for me. Can’t seem to find a comfortable position and this constant weird taste in my mouth. Also my stomach feels weird, maybe its the nasi lemak. And I’m so so so so tired yet I can’t sleep. Pfft.


Just sent JJ boy my precious to the vet for his sterilisation (11 years overdue might I add), turns out he has one undescended testicle (maybe that’s why he never humped anything or taken an interest in females 🤔). Also doing some dental works – gotta clean his teeth, he never let us brush it 🙄.

Worried sick though the vet was very reassuring and he’s now waiting alone in the clinic in a little cage 😔. I feel so guilty argh.

I pray that everything will go smoothly, vet will find the undescended testicle quickly and close him up.

Gahhh. This waiting game. 😖

This is him giving me the “where are you bringing me to hooman” face.

I love you JJ, I’ll be there later to bring you back with your favourite food! You brave boy you!

Having a panic attack right now.. literal one not a figurative one.

Started sobbing uncontrollably because of everything – i miss home, miss my parents, can’t breathe, can’t sleep, can’t sit properly, can’t enjoy my food, bed is too hard, pillow is too soft, basically everything.

Texting my mum just made it worse because it made me miss home even more and didn’t help that I could hear my dad in the background telling me not to cry.

I can’t breathe, literally. Bean’s pushing up my rib cage or lungs or something. I feel like someone’s sitting on my chest, my lungs are not working.

Sleep is difficult now, constantly trying to find a comfortable position. Not just sleeping even sitting down on a couch is difficult because it’s so uncomfortable – again, cannot breathe.

Sorry Bean, mummy’s not blaming you ok? I blame the hormones. You’ve been a good baby so far ❤️ even letting me go to Athens!

Can’t tell J because he’ll just be overly worried and I don’t want him to feel like I’m a burden. 😞

We’re just gonna have to push through these last 12 weeks (or less) together Bean! Fighting! 💪🏻


Am sweating buckets every day every hour omg why is it so warm?!

I’ve actually resorted to using a towel to soak up my sweat! What the..

Also I’m enjoying eating alone more and more these days. Well technically I’m not “alone” since Bean’s with me 😂 though not voluntarily.

Had my 28 week appointment yesterday and yay no more low lying placenta (it has moved up!), Bean’s doing well and I’ve managed to maintain my weight since my last appointment.

I need to get my ass moving on buying those things in my cart… and pay shipping for that crib!

Ok no time like now.